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Horse visits take on a different look for each person or family that comes to visit. Our founder, Pam, says this,


"I felt at peace when I was with the horses. I forgot about cancer, chemo, and thoughts of death. I talked with the horses, brushed their dirty coats, cleaned hooves, fed them peppermints, mucked stalls, and gave them my love. The horses were like medicine as I felt the connection of my heart to the horse’s steady beat."

That's what we want for our vistors; whatever that looks like for each visitor. 

Sometimes it is the everyday things that can be the hardest for which to ask for help. Our supportive care page will help get you the things that others can take for granted every day. Some examples might be flowers, a hand-written card, a warm blanket, GrubHub gift card, etc. If you need it, we want to try get it for you. 

Cancer is hard. Trying to do life while battling cancer can be overwhelming and we want to help make life easier. Check out this page for resources that we've put together to simplify life for you.

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